Online fundraising is on the rise and now anyone, anywhere, can donate with the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone.

Street canvassing, walks, and big galas, while still helpful to garner support for good causes, are no longer the fundraising methods on which nonprofits are solely focus.  Online philanthropy is on the accelerating.   It’s the internet and social fundraising — where anyone, anywhere, can donate with the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone screen — that really increases support on a grassroots level.

M+R Strategic Services, a public relations and communications firm working with leading nonprofits, and the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), a membership organization of nonprofit professionals using technology for good causes recent study found that more than $438 million online donations from over 6.5 million online gifts were collected throughout 2012.

The growth of online fundraising and online donations has sparked the growth of online “giving platforms” with names like Razoo, Network for Good, Global Giving, &  GIVINGtrax®.  These websites – some nonprofit and some for-profit – serve as gateways, making it easier for individual donors to give money and offering additional tools and services to nonprofits.   But GIVINGtrax® stands out,  not only by offering online social fundraising tools that are free for nonprofits to use, but also for its cloud software that makes it easy to give back at work.  GIVINGtrax provides an easy way to reconnect online giving back to work.

GIVINGtrax® also stands out by offering the only cloud software network for business giving, corporate philanthropy and employee engagement, including matching gifts programs and consumer matching gifts.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, GIVINGtrax® offers cloud software network that connects businesses, nonprofits, employees and individuals.

Nonprofits across the country can use GIVINGtrax® to help  raise money online and connect with local businesses and donors for FREE.  GIVINGtrax® has partnered with Global Impact, the largest provider of workplace giving campaigns in the United States, to handle donation processing allowing 100% of online donations go directly to charity.

Businesses, like Totem Ocean Trailer Express, use GIVINGtrax® to manage their corporate donations and sponsorships.  Businesses can  redirecting donation requests, grant requests, and sponsorship requests directly from their current websites and Facebook pages to GIVINGtrax®.  Businesses simply create their account, which includes the GIVINGtrax® Donation Manager and a dedicated page, or Microsite, where they can share the impact of their philanthropy.

For example, let’s say the American Heart Association wants to ask Totem Ocean to donate to their upcoming walk.  They would simply visit Totem Ocean’s website and click on the link to begin the process. This brings them to Totem Ocean’s page in GIVINGtrax® where they can read Totem Ocean’s story, and view their giving criteria, community impact, and latest giving.  The American Heart Association would simply register for free, create their GIVINGtrax® profile, and then submit their donation request.  Totem Ocean is notified of the donation request and can take action.  When approved, the American Heart Association is encouraged to engage their community in saying “thanks” through GIVINGtrax® and to share through  social media.

About GIVINGtrax:

GIVINGtrax is a social purpose company based in Seattle, WA that helps companies leverage the power of giving to engage employees, foster customer loyalty and support corporate values. GIVINGtrax offers innovative technology to help manage, measure, and multiply giving activity with a new, simple to use, platform to fit any corporate environment. GIVINGtrax expands corporate giving from a transactional event into an engaging activity that involves both employees and customers.  Learn more about GIVINGtrax at

Contact them at: 206.486.0185 or [email protected] for more information.