We are very excited to announce that on Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, GIVINGtrax officially launched at the DEMO Fall 2012 convention in Silicon Valley!

“What makes DEMO so captivating year-after-year are the innovative thinkers who take the stage to present a broad range of new technology solutions – from enterprise to cloud, consumer to mobile and social,” said Matt Marshall, executive producer of DEMO. “DEMO is proud and excited to once again provide the platform to launch today’s most ground-breaking technologies.”

GIVINGtrax was one of 70 start-up companies selected to launch at the prestigious DEMO Fall 2012 Conference (out of eighteen-hundred applicants).  What set us apart, is the potential for large scale social benefit unleashed by our software. GIVINGtrax is a cloud software integrating business, employee and customer giving onto one shared network, seamlessly integrated with social media.  Through GIVINGtrax, businesses can manage their own giving, create employee matched giving programs and offer customer matched giving challenges.

“GIVINGtrax is transforming workplace giving, as we know it, placing control back into the hands of employees and offering them the freedom of choice.  By using a shared system, we can finally begin to reduce the amount of overhead associated with business giving, and recapture employer match offers,” said Scott Jackson, CEO of Global Impact | Charity.org, strategic partner of GIVINGtrax.  “GIVINGtrax is great news for nonprofits across the board.”

This is truly collective giving for social impact.  Global Impact is pleased to partner with GIVINGtrax to provide payment distribution to causes on their platform.  It’s our strength and we hope to continue working with them to enhance their platform moving forward.”