Community Giving, International Philanthropy, and Corporate Social Responsibility help Companies Engage their Employees & Customers.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR?

According to Business for Social Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility means that a company is committed to “achieve commercial success in ways that honor ethical values and respect people, communities and the natural environment”.  One pillar of CSR is giving back, e.g. corporate philanthropy, including community giving programs such as “We Care” Programs.

Here are a few reasons to gives back:

  1. Your customers want to know… Studies have consistently shown 90% of consumers want to know how you give back.  Why?
    • Giving back promotes  healthier, more livable and economically viable communities and  helps to solve social and environmental issues.
    • Giving back creates a positive work environment.
  2. Giving back provides an opportunity to engage your customers in a meaningful way.
  3. Companies who give back attract the best and the brightest workforce.
  4. Companies who give back have more satisfied, productive and loyal employees.
  5. Companies with a strong CSR strategy who share their impact are more profitable.

GIVINGtrax® offers cloud software to manage and share philanthropy. 

It’s easy to get started  giving back and sharing your social impact with GIVINGtrax®:

  • Register – all you need is an email id.
  • Tailor your page – we make it easy!
  • Select Giving Criteria.
  • Share your membership.
  • You can also Click n’GIVE® to any 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States and many international organizations through our partnership with Global Impact.
  • Manage & track all your incoming donation request.
  • Rally your customers and employees by sharing your impact.
  • Create an employee or customer Matched Giving Campaign to foster loyalty.

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GIVINGtrax®,  a Seattle-area company, helps companies leverage the power of giving to engage employees, foster customer loyalty and support corporate values.  GIVINGtrax® offers cloud software to manage corporate philanthropy, community giving, employee engagement and sharing impact.

GIVINGtrax® expands corporate giving from a transactional event into an engaging activity that involves both employees and customers.