The days of being able to survive solely based on profit-centric business strategies are over.   Since the rise of the internet and social media, the public has become more demanding about how businesses are making a difference in their communities and giving back.  We’re starting to see signs of businesses promoting their philanthropy everywhere from “Panda Cares” to “Microsoft Citizenship“.  Common themes are “Gives Back”, “Giving Back” and “We Care” Programs along with Subaru’s infamous “Share the Love” Campaign.

Here are a few tips on how your company can “share your impact” by leveraging corporate philanthropy and community giving programs to engage employees and customers in the communities surrounding your business.For companies engaging in corporate social responsibility is more than simply “going green” or reducing the amount of waste your company produces on an annual basis.

In today’s world, it means showing genuine care for your community and having a strong presence when it comes to corporate philanthropy and community giving, from both your company and your employees.

Share Your Impact – Giving Goes Social.
Social networks have put a focus on engaging employees and customers in new and innovative ways.  Companies now use social networks such as Facebook & Twitter as essential tools to engage their customers.  Although sharing your corporate giving efforts is a great way to stay connected with your audience in a more meaningful way, until now it was extremely difficult.   Wouldn’t it be great to feature your employees that have volunteered at a local shelter,  to have the ability to announce their contribution through social media, to share pictures they’ve taken and highlight the number of volunteer hours they donated?

Get it On the Record
For your company to present a strong social corporate image, you need to make sure you’re on record for your accomplishments and achievements.  If you want to be known for your outstanding track record in corporate giving, you should have every volunteer hour and every dollar raised in the books.   Keeping accurate records of your corporate giving campaigns should become routine when trying to measure corporate social responsibility. Data is already being collected and analyzed for every other aspect of your business, and your corporate giving program should be no different.

Create a Company Culture through your Giving Programs
Make your giving programs a source of pride for your business and actively encourage employees to participate on a regular basis to create a culture around your philanthropy.  The more employees that you can get engaged with supporting a worthy cause, the better you’ll look when you share those numbers with the public.   Many investors now make an effort to  invest in companies that are socially responsible.    By making your giving programs a strong source of pride and a core component of your corporate identity, this will project a favorable light on your business.

But how?  Often, the logistical challenges of accomplishing these three tips are insurmountable.  Finally, there is a software tool that makes all of this possible, and seamless, GIVINGtrax®.

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