GIVINGtrax®,  a Seattle company concludes beta testing of their GIVINGtrax® cloud software network that allows businesses to manage corporate philanthropy, community giving, employee engagement programs and cause marketing.   It is now generally available to all businesses.
We wish to thank our business and nonprofit members that  participated in the beta.   We are so appreciative of the feedback you shared and the suggestions for feature enhancements.  Please keep them coming.  We listen and respond quickly to customer needs.
With your help, GIVINGtrax® has become the largest cloud network for business giving.  Businesses across the Northwest are using GIVINGtrax® to manage and track incoming donation requests, corporate philanthropy, community giving, employee engagement programs and have already offered customer matched giving, engaging customers in collaborative giving.   Our members are also choosing to share their philanthropy transparently in GIVINGtrax® and to social media sites, such as Facebook.
GIVINGtrax® unites businesses with their employees & customers to enhance the ease of collaborative giving and raise awareness of charitable giving in their communities.
Today, we’re excited to announce that GIVINGtrax® is now generally available.
We look forward to working with all of our members on desired feature enhancements and new capabilities to make GIVINGtrax® even better.  Stay tuned via Facebook and Twitter for updates and new feature releases.
Share GIVINGtrax® with your community today.   Thank you for using GIVINGtrax®