Giving in Numbers, 2012 Edition, a survey of trends in Corporate Giving by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and The Conference Board, of 213 major corporations found that those companies gave nearly $20 billion in donations in 2011.  These donations came in the form of direct cash donations, cash donations through their foundations, non-cash or in-kind donations, and matching gifts, or matching employee donations.

The median corporate giving of all corporations that responded was $21 million, according to the survey and for the 62 respondents in the Fortune 100, median giving was more than $57 million.

Nearly 30 percent of the donations went to health and social service programs, and more than one-quarter went to educational programs stretching from kindergarten through the university years, the survey said.

The survey also found corporations had narrowed their focus, giving larger contributions but to fewer organizations as they became more strategic in their corporate giving.

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