Although charitable giving programs can seem straightforward, when you look under the covers, many businesses have fairly complex procedures, particularly when it comes to employer matched giving and workplace giving campaigns.  Unfortunately, all traditional software players are far too costly and don’t meet the needs of most businesses.
Now, a Seattle area company, GIVINGtrax®, is simplifying the process, making it more affordable for the millions of small and medium sized businesses, and is creating enormous benefits to both the employer and employee along the way.  Not only can GIVINGtrax software help you manage corporate philanthropy,  local community giving, and employee giving,  it provides a way to promote your impact seamlessly.
Created by by Karrie and Lance Hungerford, GIVINGtrax® offers a better model for managing corporate philanthropy, community giving and employee giving programs, based on their experience as business owners and Karrie’s experience solving customer problems while working for IBM.  
“We were approached for donations by nonprofits and schools, but also by our customers, employees and other businesses”, says Lance Hungerford.”We’ve had our own limitations with how to best manage our giving between 4 restaurants,” says Hungerford, “but now there are demographic trends that show changes in charitable giving for younger generations. 
90% of consumers want to know how local businesses are giving back, so we wanted to develop a way to manage  giving that would appeal to businesses, nonprofits, and employees, and consumers.  Not only did we need a way to manage our giving across multiple locations, but we also needed a way to raise awareness of our support with both customers and our employees”.
GIVINGtrax®, founded in 2010, provides cloud software to manage philanthropy, sponsorships, community giving, employee giving programs including matching gifts, and cause marketing efforts. 
For the first time, business large and small, are able to offer employee engagement programs, such as a matching gift programs and tracking employee volunteer hours.  GIVINGtrax® also provides companies the ability to engage customers through match challenges.  This is particularly useful in Disaster Response situations, where businesses want to encourage employees and customers to respond through matched giving.  
GIVINGtrax® is seamlessly connected with social media and provides a transparent approach to giving that is transforming both corporate philanthropy and traditional workplace giving campaigns.
“Companies are trying to do more to meet the needs and interests of employees and customers, and the current models didn’t go far enough to give folks the ability to be engaged in corporate giving programs,” Hungerford says.  “With the GIVINGtrax®, businesses are leveraging their philanthropy to foster customer loyalty and increase employee engagement”.

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