Matchmaking Marketplace Taps $400 Billion in Advertising & Marketing to Meet Urgent Community Needs

SANTA CLARA, CA, Oct 03, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — DEMO Fall 2012 — GIVINGtrax, the giving marketplace for collaborative and transparent philanthropy, today launched the beta of their cloud-based marketplace which unites businesses and non-profits with employees and customers, to enhance the ease and impact of charitable giving. GIVINGtrax’s disruptive technology seamlessly taps into $400 billion in advertising & marketing by connecting businesses, employees, and customers via social media. Businesses can manage their own giving, while encouraging matching gifts from employees and customers.

“Twenty-seven million businesses across the US are being inundated with donation requests from over one million nonprofits, via mail, email, phone calls, and face-to-face requests, yet most businesses have no way to manage their giving or engage their customers and employees,” said Karrie Hungerford, GIVINGtrax CEO. “Our new Giving Marketplace simplifies the connection between business-based giving and community need, while providing more impact dollar for dollar than traditional marketing campaigns.”

GIVINGtrax enables individuals to finally “own” their contributions, and connect matching employer gifts to their donations, along with their own giving history, photos, videos and stories. The shared GIVINGtrax platform in turn streamlines the process for nonprofits, eliminating tremendous waste. Matching employer gifts are captured at the point of sale, while the process of soliciting business donations is reduced to a few simple clicks.

“GIVINGtrax is transforming workplace giving by placing control back into the hands of employees. Its shared system reduces the amount of overhead associated with business giving,” said Scott Jackson, CEO of Global Impact.

On display at DEMO Fall 2012 GIVINGtrax will give a six-minute presentation today on the DEMO Fall 2012 stage at 9:17 am, and live demonstrations at booth D65 in the DEMO Fall 2012 pavilion.

“What makes DEMO so captivating year-after-year are the innovative thinkers who take the stage to present a broad range of new technology solutions — from enterprise to cloud, consumer to mobile and social,” said Matt Marshall, executive producer of DEMO. “DEMO is proud and excited to once again provide the platform to launch today’s most ground-breaking technologies.”

ABOUT GIVINGtrax GIVINGtrax’s platform for collaborative & transparent philanthropy seamlessly taps into $400 billion in advertising & marketing, while connecting businesses, employees and customers via social media. Businesses can manage their own giving, along with matched giving programs for employees and customers.

After donating hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, in-kind, and labor to nonprofit organizations throughout their community, founders Karrie and Lance Hungerford had to reevaluate their giving in the face of the economic downturn. As nonprofit board members, they understood the devastating impact of reduced business funding in the face of government cutbacks and growing social need, and looked for a way to divert traditional advertising and marketing funds while still growing their business.

GIVINGtrax addresses these challenges by overhauling a manual and cumbersome process, enabling local businesses to give more, engage customers & employees, and showcase the impact of their gifts in their local community.

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