GIVINGtrax sees spike in registrations as fall fundraising season begins.
Are you ready to manage the influx of fundraising requests?  If you’re like most businesses, you are already inundated with donation & fundraising requests and the fall season has just begun.  Join your peers in managing donations through GIVINGtrax&reg and share your impact in real-time.

GIVINGtrax®   helps companies leverage the power of giving to engage employees and foster customer loyalty by offering cloud software to manage corporate philanthropy, community giving, employee engagement and sharing impact. Nonprofits benefit through the collective impact businesses make simply by using a common software tool to manage corporate philanthropy and also through the many social fundraising capabilities GIVINGtrax has to offer.

GIVINGtrax® expands corporate giving from a transactional event into an engaging activity that involves both employees, customers and the recipient nonprofit or school.

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