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Ways to Help COVID-19


Below are 6 Ways to Help During COVID-19

While the news is focusing attention on the COVID-19 outbreak, there is very little information about how you can help your local community respond to COVID-19.  There is even less information available to help you respond to International needs without risking giving to scams.

Below are 6 ways you can encourage employees to help both local and international COVID-19 needs.

Follow these DOs & DONTs to avoid COVID-19 scams.

1 – DO:  Give Blood.  See our related post about how the American Red Cross is responding and how you can help.  You can learn more ways to help the American Red Cross respond to COVID-19 at:  Help Red Cross

2 – DO:  Give to local nonprofits who are responding to the crisis.
DON’T give to organizations that are advertising for donations or charities that seem to have no other purpose.  If you are unsure who to support, check out your local Community Foundation to see how they are supporting your local COVID-19 needs.

3 – DO:  Give to International Charities that are responding to COVID-19 who are based in the United States.  An example is Global Impact.  They have been around for a long time and have vetted organizations that have staff in locations around the world.  DON’T give to an unfamilar charity.

4 – DO:  Support local businesses that are trying to survive.  Examples are:

  • If your local crafts store is open for curbside delivery, start a craft project to do while kids are at home.
  • Order takeout or delivery twice a week.  Share your favorite restaurant’s takeout with hashtag:  #SaveJobs #SaveSmallBiz

5 – DO:  Host a Blood Drive at Your Office.  Blood is in short supply and desperately needed.

6 – DO:  If you do not offer employee matching gifts programs, now is a good time to start.   We encourage companies to help amplify their employee’s impact by matching their donations.

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