5 Ways Your Company can Respond to Hurricane Harvey and Irma

5 Ways Your Company can Respond to Hurricane Harvey

Companies large and small across America are responds to Hurricane Harvey’s devastating impact on Houston and all of Texas.    Here are 5 ways that you, as a company, and your employees can respond.

  1. Make a Company Donation:  Donate to a reputable organization – Many organizations responding to Hurricane Harvey are nonprofit organizations, including large well known organizations such as the American Red Cross, World Vision and Global Impact.  But there are also many other organizations, including local nonprofits that are helping to rescue pets.

  3. Offer an Employee Matching Donation:   To encourage employee donations, offer your employees an employee matching gift for organizations that are responding to the rescue effort.   With GivingTrax Cloud Software, companies are able to easily create & offer a matching program for employee donating to organizations on the ground in Houston.  Your employee matching program can […]

How to Create an HR Policy for Employee Giving Programs

How to Create a HR Policy for Your Employee Giving Program

In the first post in our series on How to Create Employee Giving Programs, 

How to Start an Employee Matching Gifts Program in 6 Easy Steps, we shared how to:

Step 1 – Act Like a Startup

Step 2 – Set a Budget for a Pilot or Test Program

Step 3 – Decide on the Employee Matching Gift Rate

Step 4 – Decide Eligibility Criteria

Step 5 – Choose a department, division, or sub-group to use as a pilot

Step 6 – Select Cloud Software as a Service tool to Manage your Program

That’s a great start, however, you may now be asking….

  • What kind of policy is needed to implement this employee giving program?
  • How do we protect our employees and also the reputation of our company?
  • What about Branding our Employee Giving […]

Monrovia Unified School District Extends Social Media Monitoring to 1 Mile Radius Around Schools

Monrovia Unified School District Extends Social Media Monitoring to 1 Mile Radius Around Schools



Monrovia High School and Canyon Oaks High School Extend Social Media Monitoring


EVERYONE within a 1 Mile Radius

Every so often,  I find myself horrified by Social Media’s invasion of my privacy.    Just this week, I learned that Monrivia Unified School District in California is extending social media monitoring to a 1-mile radius in spite of California Student Social-Media Privacy Law – AB 1442 through a contract with Geo Listening that was approved in the September 24, 2014 school board meeting.

This means everyone within […]

How to Start an Employee Matching Gifts Program

How to Start an Employee Matching Gifts Program in 6 Easy Steps

Are you ready to support today’s workforce when it comes to Employee Giving Programs?

Gone are the days of everyone gathering in the fall to rally for the yearly United Way campaign.  Participation rates are plummeting and it’s no surprise.  Most employee giving campaigns with the exception of the largest of enterprises use paper forms.  Baby Boomers are retiring and Millenials don’t do paper. For most companies, this may seem like a daunting task or at a minimum a very expensive task.  But, as more & more Millenials come into the work force, it’s becoming more critical that companies embrace and foster how Millenials are already giving back versus attempting to convince them to adopt to an antiquated corporate policy based on paper forms or isolated internal systems.

So the challenge becomes, “How can companies provide a consumer experience for employees […]

Doing Well by Doing Good – Spotlight on Herman Miller and Sustainability


Doing Well by Doing Good – Spotlight on Herman Miller and Sustainability


Gabe Wing, Director,  Safety and Sustainability at Herman Miller shared Herman Miller’s story during a CSR conference hosted by the University of Washington – Tacoma, Center for Leadership & Social Responsibility.


There’s no magic to “Doing Well by Doing Good”


It really doesn’t matter whether you approach sustainability from your values or from your financial goals, you will end up in the same spot.   According to projections, there will be 9 Billion people on earth by 2050.    Resources are becoming increasingly scarce.


Most corporate managers realize sustainability must be somewhere on their agenda

according to MIT & Boston Consulting Group Study

Highlighted in Chapter 1: Business Is Investing More
Competing on Sustainability


Not only that, but the study goes […]

5 Tips for a Successful We Care Program as a Corporate Giving Strategy

Kendall Cares Corporate Giving Program Earns Cash for Eugene Schools

5 Tips for a Successful We Care Program at Kendall Automotive Group


Kendall Automotive Group embodies everything we think of when we see or hear about a “We Care Program” as a Corporate Philanthropy strategy or part of a larger CSR program.

Until recently, my only experience with auto dealers was as a customer either buying or servicing a car.  As a buyer, I find the process stressful, uncomfortable and expensive, or in the case of servicing a car, time consuming.

What I didn’t know was how deeply they care about their employees and the communities where they do business and where their employees live and work.  My eyes have been opened here at GIVINGtrax where we help businesses manage & share their community engagement programs.

Many automotive dealers, […]

Alaska Airlines is Doing Well by Doing Good


Alaska Airlines is Doing Well by Doing Good

Many of us have our favorite airline, or at least the one we fly most often, even if it’s simply to maximize frequent flyer miles.

For us, it’s always been Alaska Airlines, mostly because they are local to Seattle and are highly regarded, not to mention what a treat it is to fly on Horizon Air and be served an ice cold micro-brew or glass of wine after a long day and the hustle & bustle through the airport.   Although we fly often, we hadn’t thought much about what goes on, except from our own point of view.

Why is it that we, consumers, want to buy clothes, electronics, food and other consumables from socially conscience companies, yet are often completely unaware of whether or not the airline we choose to fly does […]

5 Tips to Grow Brand Loyalty for Restaurants Giving Back

Why does it seem like restaurants receive more than our fair share of donation requests?   At our Round Table Pizza locations, we used to receive calls for donation requests from all over Washington State – miles beyond our trade area.

Yes, we’re an easy target.  Yes, most restaurants giving back do so because they want to give back.     Yes, it’s the right thing to do.  And, yes, most restaurants want to support our surrounding communities and schools….but, are we our own worst enemy, when it comes to giving back?

The problem for restaurants giving back is:

  • We receive far more donation requests than we can possibly approve;   yet,
  • There is no easy way to say “no” especially if the individual asking is might be a customer;
  • It’s nearly impossible to promote our community support without appearing self –serving;
  • The tax receipt letters and comments of “thanks” that come in the mail are not easily […]

Canlis Restaurant’s Matching Gift Program Spurs Growth

Canlis Restaurant’s Matching Gift Program Spurs Growth During Economic Downturn

Like most restaurants, Canlis gives back – a lot!   And, they feel really good when they are able to support nonprofits in the surrounding areas by giving back, yet were overwhelmed at times by the sheer number of folks asking for donations.  They did not feel so good about having to say “no”, occasionally.    The problem was, as more & more folks became aware of their traditional restaurants giving back program, it became unsustainable.   Most of us would agree, restaurants receive far more than their fair share of donation requests.

Mark Canlis says, “The problem is, restaurants bear the full burden of the entire donation and there is very little thankfulness received in return.”   Why is it that every nonprofit and school expects their donation request to a restaurant will be approved, even when they may be located […]

Avalon Glassworks Turns Donation Requests into Sales & Brand Loyalty

Often, it seems like not a day goes by at Avalon Glassworks, a boutique glass blowing studio in Seattle that creates hand-made art and paperweights, without being approached for a donation.  Sound all too, familiar?

Even though, Avalon Glassworks would like to support every donation request, it is simply not feasible.  How could they possibly support all these causes?  How could they find some way to give back and increase brand loyalty at the same time?

Then owners Jon and Shannon Felix had an idea.  It all started a few years back at a fundraiser for the Museum of the North Beach, located in Moclips, WA, the most northwestern town one can reach in the continental United States.

Jon and Shannon were invited to host a table and vend at the museum as part of a fundraiser that included us making a special limited edition glass float. The special float was sold and […]

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