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Are You Eligible to Register the Organization?

Criteria to Register an Organization:

1.To register an organization, you must be:

  • an employee, or
  • an Officer on the Board of Directors

2.If you are using a free email service (hotmail, yahoo, etc.), you may register as an individual. However, you will not be able to add an organization. To add an organization, please email the following organization's credentials to [email protected]:

  • Government Issued Certification Letter
  • Completed W-9 Form
  • Voided Check


  • Grantwriters: Please have an authorized representative of the organization create the account, then you may be added as an additional user.
  • Volunteers: If you are registering to create a donation request, please select the option to register as an individual. You will choose the recipient in the request form.


  • An account is required to create & submit a donation request to member businesses.
  • If you work for an organization and are creating a request for a grant, sponsorship, or in-kind item with a value over $500, please first claim and complete your organization's profile in GivingTrax. Please note, you will need your organization's government issued certification letter, signed W-9 form (US charities) and identity verification to claim a cause.
  • Claim Organization
  • Claim a School

Passwords must include a minimum of:

  • At least 8 or more characters
  • At least 1 Alphabetic character
  • At least 1 Numeric character
  • At least 1 Uppercase character
  • At least 1 Lower case character
  • At least 1 Special character