Branded Pages

Branded Pages Tell Your Community Story

Enjoy the benefits of sharing your corporate philanthropy, employee giving, "We Care" programs, community engagement and social impact stories on a dedicated branded page that can be added to your company website or Facebook page. Branded pages are updated automatically as activity takes place in GivingTrax.

Test Drive GivingTrax

GivingTrax pages can be added to your corporate website by using a small snippet of code, referred to as an “i-frame”.  Simply copy and paste the snippet of code we provide you into the desired area of your website and your GivingTrax page will magically appear in your own website wrapped in your corporate branding.  You can even adjust the width and height to fit within your website framework.  Notice the Scroll bar along the right-hand side and the tabs within the frame.  These are all “hot” allowing you to experience how this works.

GivingTrax can also be added as a tab and viewed on your Facebook page.   Click to view a GivingTrax Member’s Facebook page, then click on the “We Give Back”  icon  in the tab area to view their GivingTrax page within Facebook.  You can see it is a company branded page.

Below is an example using our own GivingTrax branded page pulled into our marketing website: